Did you know?

$165 billion worth

of food is wasted each year in the US.

40% of the food

produced in the US goes uneaten.

What can we do?

Food waste happens at home and various stages of the supply chain. Unfortunately, some of it also comes from food expiring on the shelves of grocer stores. Our focus is on helping retailers promote the sale of soon-to-expire items and raising awareness of their efforts to shoppers. In this partnership between retailers and shoppers, we can maximize both food waste prevention and shopper savings.

Our Current & Upcoming Retail Partners:

How does it work?

Stop Waste Together is a non-profit initiative sponsored by Pinpoint Software. When paired with our expiration date management software, Date Check Pro, retailers are able to proactively track inventory expiration dates and work together with their shoppers to minimize food waste and maximize savings for everyone.

This initiative includes template marketing materials such as high-grade, tamper-proof coupons, aisle signage, and POS signage along with online promotion for retailers to maximize their waste prevention efforts promote those efforts to their customers, and track their green impact per store. Learn more »

Want to add this program in your stores?

If you are a supermarket manager looking to cut down your own food waste while providing an even greater customer experience, we want to partner with you! Fill out the form below, and we will send you information on both Stop Waste Together and Date Check Pro.